Owl Cams

Port of Stockton Expressway Camera

Fyffe Ave Camera

In 2013 the Port of Stockton installed video cameras in two of the Barn owl nest boxes located at the Port’s West Complex. The boxes are known to be used frequently both as nests to rear young and as daytime roosts during the non-breeding season. The cameras are solar powered and are equipped with infrared vision to allow for night viewing when the owls are most active. The video is streamed live and we hope you enjoy following along as our owls continue their life cycle in the relative safety and comfort of the nest boxes.

Viewing Tips:

  • Refresh the page if the feeds time out or become non-responsive.
  • View in the evening or at night. Barn owls are strictly nocturnal and most of the interesting stuff happens at night.
  • For the best experience we recommend that you use the most updated version of your browser.


Additional information about Barn owls can be found at