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Port of Stockton water tower with Port buildings in background.

Welcome to the Port of Stockton

The Port of Stockton is a unique inland Port situated on the Delta of the San Joaquin River, within the agriculturally rich community of California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley. As a Special District, the Port offers flexible solutions for domestic and international distribution by ship, rail, or freight. Boasting world class warehouse facilities, and recent infrastructure improvements, state of the art cargo handling equipment upgrades, and offering 400+ acres of land approved for new development, Port of Stockton has the capacity to meet a growing demand for efficient shipping. As a leader in environmental stewardship, and sustainable development, we are more than a Port, we are a community partner, economic engine, and will continue to invest in infrastructure upgrades that streamline the shipping experience, and improve the impact our operations have on the community. With four major freeways, two transcontinental railroads, an international waterway, and a regional airport, Port of Stockton is the perfect port for handling liquid and dry bulk, break bulk, and agricultural commodities.

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) #231

Available Berths: 14

Port Type: Deepwater River Port

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History of Rough and Ready Island

Historic Rough and Ready Island has a rich and fascinating history. It is currently the West Complex at the Port of Stockton with this historic location situated in the central valley delta. While the delta created a challenging environment to thrive early on due to environmental transformations (e.g. seasonal flooding and colonization), what is known as the “Port” emerged from a natural wetland, became a well-known Naval base, and eventually a thriving economic engine of the state and an international trade center: Port of Stockton.

Owl Cams

Nesting Season Has Begun!

In 2013 the Port of Stockton installed video cameras in two of the Barn owl nest boxes located at the Port’s West Complex. Exterior cameras were added in 2014 to allow us to see what happens on the outside. The cameras are equipped with infrared vision to allow for night viewing when the owls are most active. The video is streamed live and we hope you enjoy following along as our owls continue their life cycle in the relative safety and comfort of the nest boxes.


Port Commission

The Port is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners; four commissioners are appointed by the City of Stockton and three commissioners appointed by San Joaquin County. The Board establishes policies under which the Port’s staff, supervised by the Port Director, conducts its daily operations.

Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wanted to watch ships come and go from the Port? Well now you can with our live Ship Cam. Look for certain vessels. See cranes at work. Check the weather. It’s all there, on the Ship Cam.

Behind the scenes at the port.
Pacific Spike arrives at Port of Stockton


In order to improve Union Pacific’s railway network, the Port of Stockton and other partners from around the globe have come together in an innovative new project to build, deliver, and distribute ¼ mile lengths of “long rail” railroad track for distribution in Union Pacific’s 32,000 mile network throughout the western United States.