Navigating Success

In 2017, nearly 4.7 million tons of cargo moved through the Port of Stockton, and that number grows nearly every year. We work with upwards of fifty-five different countries, with goods flowing in both directions. On any given day here at the Port you might see organic grain coming in from Turkey, refined sulfur going out to Australia, or any other of a litany of products that are going to or coming from places all around the world. And of course we do business domestically as well. We regularly work with people all across the U.S., especially right here in the fertile Central Valley of California.

Because here at the Port of Stockton we are very proud to call the Central Valley our home, and we are equally aware that we would not be around today without the hard work and generous help of our neighbors. As such, giving back to the community is always on our minds, and we are eagerly committed not just to commerce, but to both continued job growth here in the area, and also to going above and beyond to protect our local environment. The Port of Stockton was built by Californians and we are California proud!

We work with upwards of fifty-five different countries, with goods flowing in both directions.


Get the facts! Learn a little about the Port’s capabilities and specifications, including transportation services, channel information, and vessel requirements. Come see what we can do! Learn more about the Port’s capabilities.

Port Security
Security is one of our top priorities here at the Port of Stockton. Read about our award-winning canine unit or our remote-operated video surveillance, both commanded onsite. The Port of Stockton constantly works to improve its security in compliance with the Department of Homeland Security and United States Coast Guard regulations. Find out more about security at the Port.

Visual History
Come see our story! Watch the Stockton channel grow from its humble gold rush beginnings to the deep-water maritime highway that it is today, and witness the Port of Stockton come about in the depths of the Great Depression, fight through World War II, and grow to become one of the largest inland ports on the West Coast. View the history of the Port of Stockton on our timeline.

Video Gallery
Looking for something to watch? We have plenty of videos, and about much more than just shipping. Be sure to check out our owl box and the Antioch Dunes Project videos! Check out our video gallery.

Ship Cam
Watch the Port of Stockton live in action! Our ship cam is streaming all the time so that you can see what is being loaded and unloaded right now! You might even get lucky and catch a ship while it’s underway! Watch the ship cam.

Police Vehicle
Ship Cam