In 2023, nearly 4.3 million metric tons of cargo moved through the Port of Stockton (also known as Stockton Port District), and that number grows nearly every year. We work with upwards of fifty-five different countries, with goods flowing in both directions. On any given day here at the Port you might see organic grain coming in from Turkey, refined sulfur going out to Australia, or any other of a litany of products that are going to or coming from places all around the world. And of course we do business domestically as well. We regularly work with people all across the U.S., especially right here in the fertile Central Valley of California.

Because here at the Port of Stockton we are very proud to call the Central Valley our home, and we are equally aware that we would not be around today without the hard work and generous help of our neighbors. As such, giving back to the community is always on our minds, and we are eagerly committed not just to commerce, but to both continued job growth here in the area, and also to going above and beyond to protect our local environment. The Port of Stockton was built by Californians and we are California proud!

Core Values


We conduct ourselves with the highest level of honesty, transparency, and ethical standards.


We value the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and the community.


We work in partnership with our employees, customers, and community fostering trust, open communication, and respect.


We are responsible for our actions, behaviors, performance, and decisions.


We operate in a manner that protects the environment and reduces the Port’s environmental impact.

Positive Culture

We support our team through a positive work environment, by encouraging staff development and growth, and promoting communication, inclusion, and creativity.


The Port of Stockton connects local and regional economies with global markets by providing world-class port infrastructure and services, and creating opportunities that foster economic development and job growth.


Our vision at the Port of Stockton is to be a dynamic economic catalyst for the region, and a sustainable hub of growth and innovation.  We envision a thriving Port where global commerce and opportunity intersect.  Through community partnerships, environmental initiatives, and financial transparency, we aim to ensure a prosperous future for all stakeholders.

Get the facts! Learn a little about the Port’s capabilities and specifications, including transportation services, channel information, and vessel requirements. Come see what we can do! Learn more about the Port’s capabilities.


When interested qualified applicants want to be considered for open positions or careers they will need to complete a Port of Stockton Employment Application which can be found on the link under the Current Openings. Employment applications are only available when active recruitment takes place for open positions.


The Port is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners; four commissioners are appointed by the City of Stockton and three commissioners appointed by San Joaquin County. The Board establishes policies under which the Port’s staff, supervised by the Port Director, conducts its daily operations.


The Port of Stockton has a vibrant and multi-faceted history dating back to early Native American settlements. Chronicles of its past naval use and recent port development is highlighted here.


News articles, videos, and key mentions about the Port of Stockton are archived for the public to view. Readers can also see this content and follow up-to-date news on the Port’s social media channels.

Port Staff

Read more about the Port’s executive administration and staff, port departments, and contact information.

Annual Reports

The Port of Stockton has produced award-winning annual reports that showcase port projects, accomplishments, and involvements with the local community.

Ship Cam

Ships from all over the world come and go from the Port of Stockton’s docks each day. Now you can see it all happen on our Ship Cam. Look for certain vessels, see the cranes in motion, and check local weather. It’s all there, on the Ship Cam!

Video Gallery

Learn more about the Port through educational videos that cover topics such as the Antioch Dunes, Barn Owl nests, the Boggs Track Community, and more!