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Port Electric Rates

Port of Stockton Rate Sch Net Metering.pdf  –  RTF

2017 Rate Schedule Adjustment Summary.pdf  –  RTF

Rate Schedule_GS-1.pdf  –  RTF

Rate Schedule_GS-2.pdf  –  RTF

Rate Schedule_GS-3.pdf  –  RTF

Rate Schedule_GS-4.pdf  –  RTF

Rate Schedule_GS-5.pdf  –  RTF

Rate Schedule_GS-6.pdf  –  RTF


Port Energy Efficiency Programs

Energy Efficiency Brochure.pdf  –  RTF

Energy Efficiency Program Manual.pdf  –  RTF

Energy Efficiency Appendix-A Agreement.pdf  –  RTF

Energy Efficiency Appendix-B Standard Fixture Watts.pdf  –  RTF

Energy Efficiency Appendix-C Minimum Equipment Efficiency.pdf  –  RTF

Energy Efficiency Appendix-D LED Lamp Fixtures and Qualifications.pdf  –  RTF

Energy Efficiency Appendix-D Table 1 Energy Star LED Integrated Lamps.pdf  –  RTF

Energy Efficiency Appendix-D Table 2 Energy Star Light Fixtures Product List.pdf  –  RTF

Energy Efficiency Appendix-E Engineering Calculation Worksheet.pdf  –  RTF


Port Power Content Label

2016 Power Content Label.pdf  –  RTF


Port Renewable Portfolio Standard Procurement Plan

Board RPS Procurement Plan.pdf  –  RTF



2014 Energy Efficiency Program Manual – RTF

App A POS Agreement Writeable – RTF

App B POS Standard Fixture Watts Final – RTF

App C POS Min Equipment Efficiency Final

App D POS LED Lamps Fixtures and Qualification Process Final

App D-Table 1 Energy Star LED Integrated Lamps – RTF

App D-Table 2 Energy Star Light Fixtures Product List Final – RTF

App E – Engineering Calculation Worksheet Final – RTF

Power Content Label (PCL) – RTF


Foreign Trade Zone #231 – RTF


Usted Necesita un TWIC – RTF


TWIC – Compliance Port Brief – RTF

TWIC – Requirements Bulletin – Jan. 07, 2009


TWIC – Stockton Enrollment – RTF