The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, in which we operate, is an important and delicate environment. Not only does it provide drinking water for two-thirds of the state, it acts as a habitat for countless fish, birds and wildlife. We are deeply committed to maintaining and protecting this area. The Port’s Delta Environmental Enhancement Program (D.E.E.P.) aims to enhance air quality, water quality and wildlife habitats in the Delta and surrounding communities.

Air Quality

Breathe easy. The Port of Stockton is always looking for ways to reduce air pollution and emissions—from requiring vessels to shut off their main engines while docked to replacing our vehicles and dredgers with electric versions. See what else is in the air with our Air Quality Program.

Water Quality

The industrial and maritime activities that happen at ports can produce a lot of pollutants. That’s why we go to such great lengths to make sure they don’t reach our waterways. Learn more about some of our efforts to keep the Delta clean.


A wide array of plants and animals live at the Port, and while commerce may be our primary objective, we take environmental stewardship very seriously. Learn how we’re helping our wildlife neighbors thrive—from barn owls to butterflies.

Owl Cams

Video thumbnail of owl cam at night.

Watching our live Owl Cam is a hoot. We’ve attached infrared cameras to our Barn Owl nest boxes, so everyone can follow their life cycles from hatch to fledge. Nesting season begins in November and baby owls usually leave the nest by June. Check it out.