Green Marine

Port of Stockton Achieves Green Marine Environmental Certification

The Port of Stockton receives annual certification from Green Marine in recognition of our leadership and commitment to continuously reducing our environmental footprint.

“The Port of Stockton joined Green Marine in October 2018 to further demonstrate our commitment to protecting the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, which provides drinking water for two-thirds of California as well as crucial habitat for countless fish, birds and other wildlife. We wholeheartedly believe that environmental stewardship can and should go hand in hand with the continued expansion of our regional and global operations,” said Port of Stockton Director Richard Aschieris.

“The Port of Stockton exemplifies the type of forward-thinking and responsible operation that Green Marine recognizes with its certification. We commend them for achieving certification just months after signing up, and look forward to playing a role in their continued progress,” said David Bolduc, Green Marine’s executive director.

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Pictured left to right are: Port of Stockton Environmental & Regulatory Affairs Manager Jason Cashman; Green Marine Executive Director David Bolduc; and Port of Stockton Director of Environmental & Public Affairs Jeff Wingfield.

About The Program

Green Marine is an environmental certification program for the North American marine industry. It is a voluntary, transparent and inclusive initiative that addresses key environmental issues through its 13 performance indicators. Participants include shipowners, ports, terminals, seaway corporations and shipyards.

To receive our certification, the Port of Stockton must benchmark our annual environmental performance through the program’s self-evaluation guides, have our results verified by an accredited external verifier and agree to publication of our individual results.

The program stems from the maritime industry’s voluntary initiative to surpass regulatory requirements. More than 70 environmental organizations, scientific research programs and government agencies contribute to shaping and revising the program on an ongoing basis.

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