5,500 Jobs

The Port supports more than 5,500 jobs in the San Joaquin County area, generating about $180 million in annual salaries and benefits.

55 Countries

The Port is increasing trade relationships to more than 55 countries every year, an increase from $250 million just ten years ago.

90% of Fertilizer

Imported over ninety percent of the chemical fertilizer used by the agriculture industry in the Central Valley is imported through the Port of Stockton.

1,500,000 Tons Exported

The Port of Stockton exports nearly 1.5 million tons of American products annually.

$5 Million in Taxes

The Port contributes more than five million every year in tax revenue which helps to support important services provided by San Joaquin County and the City of Stockton.

Environmental Initiatives

The Port engages in a number of environmental initiatives which supports wildlife habitats, and improves soil, water and air quality in our region.

$2 Billion in Investment

Private sector investments in the Port of Stockton exceeded $2 billion over the last five years.