Port of Stockton Only Port to Receive AAPA Award of Excellence for “I’m Part of the Port” Advertising Campaign

November 2, 2016


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American Association of Port Authorities chooses Port of Stockton as the sole recipient of 2016 Excellence Award for Best Ad Series


STOCKTON, Calif. (November 2, 2016) – The Port of Stockton has won this year’s top honors for excellence in advertising from the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA). The 2016 AAPA Communications Awards for exemplary communication projects was awarded at the AAPA’s 50th annual convention held October 23-26 in New Orleans, La. Port of Stockton’s “I’m Part of the Port” campaign went up against ports in North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

The campaign was developed to promote tI'm a Part of the Port Ad Campaign - Teacherhe vital role the Port of Stockton plays in the growth of California’s Central Valley, providing a link between area growers, ranchers, businesses and trade partners around the globe. The highly successful series of ads offer thumbnail profiles of individuals who directly benefit from the work of the Port of Stockton including: importers, local schools that benefit from $5 million in tax revenue from Port operations, and even wildlife, specifically the owl boxes that help keep the rodent population down and promote stronger levees.

“We are delighted to be the recipient of the AAPA’s Award of Excellence for advertising. It always means more when you receive top honors from your industry and peers,” said Richard Aschieris, Director for the Port of Stockton. “Our ‘I’m Part of the Port’ campaign was very successful in demonstrating to our community and business partners the vital role that the Port plays in the economy of the Central Valley and beyond. We hope that our success serves as an inspiration and a model for other ports to demonstrate the valuable part we all play in supporting American commerce.”

The Port Marketing Brochure was also selected for an Award of Distinction in the Promotional category and the Port’s partnership with a local sculling center to donate a boat (Spirit of the Port) for people with disabilities garnered an Award of Merit from AAPA.

“When port authorities communicate strategically with their many audiences, including their communities, business leaders and policymakers, they are better able to show their tremendous value as drivers of economic development, environmental enhancement and job creation,” said Kurt Nagle, President and CEO of the AAPA. “This competition helps our member ports by rewarding effective communications and highlighting best practices and lessons learned.”

For more information about the 2016 AAPA Communications Awards visit www.aapa-ports.org.

About the Port of Stockton

Located in California’s fertile Central Valley, the Port of Stockton is the premier bulk/break-bulk port in California, supporting more than 5,500 family-wage jobs in the greater Stockton/San Joaquin County region. Situated on a deep-water shipping channel, with over 7 Million square feet of warehouse space, at the hub of four major freeways and served by two Class I railroads, the Port of Stockton is strategically located to provide efficient goods movement throughout the Western United States.

To learn more about The Port of Stockton, visit www.portofstockton.com.

Jeff Wingfield
Director of Environmental and Public Affairs
Port of Stockton
(209) 946-0246


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