Port of Stockton Reports First Wood Pellet Shipment

Ship at dock in the Port of Stockton

The Port of Stockton announced that the first wood pellet shipment from the Port was successfully loaded to the M/V Global Serenity in December. National Carbon Technologies shipped the pellets from Michigan and they were loaded by Metro Ports. The shipment was roughly 2,000 M/Ts of torrefied wood pellets destined for Japan as a trial shipment.

“This shipment is an important milestone for the Port of Stockton,” said Port Director, Richard Aschieris.

“The Port has been actively working with renewable fuels producers for several years now, and this shipment of National Carbon Technologies torrefied pellets advances the Port’s goal of diversifying our cargo base.”

Richard Aschieris, Port Director

“This market sector is very important to the Port for many reasons, and we will continue to support customer interest in achieving their supply chain needs in order to reach both their international and domestic customers,” said Aschieris.

“The Port of Stockton and Metro Ports did a fantastic job managing and shipping our new and patented renewable Energy Carbon product which has global utility to displace fossil fuels with more energy per ton than coal and the ability to greatly reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, sulfur dioxide, and mercury compared to coal,” said National Carbon Technologies CEO, James Mennell.

“Metro Ports is excited to be working together with the Port of Stockton and Nation Carbon Technologies on this successful vessel loading operation that will further our goals of sustainable and renewable exports from California ports to Asian markets,” said Chief Commercial Officer, Brian Johnson. “The logistics required close coordination between Metro Ports, key Port staff, and other Port stakeholders, all working together for a safe and efficient operation. Metro Ports has been providing stevedoring and maritime services in California since 1923, which provides vital family-wage jobs for the California economy.”

“Our continued growth adds contributes to the regional economy,” said Aschieris. “The Port of Stockton supports over 10,000 family-wage jobs. We made a strategic move to diversify our cargo base and began making focused investments in our infrastructure over 10 years ago. Combine that with the hard work of our labor forces and the results are new highs for the Port of Stockton.”

The Port of Stockton is an inland facility situated on a deep-water channel located in the extended San Francisco Bay Area. Operating since 1933, the Port of Stockton is the 4th largest port in California and handles dry bulk, breakbulk, liquid bulk and project cargoes. The Port is served by both the BNSF and UP, with the Central California Traction Company providing switching services on the Port’s belt line. Services offered by the Port and its tenants include stevedoring, warehousing, inventory management and transloading.

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