Port Of Stockton Rolling Out Power On Wheels

June 26, 2018


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STOCKTON (CBS13) — It’s a new push to curb pollution, at the Port of Stockton.

The bustling international shipping port, in the middle of a valley community, will be adding zero-emission, battery-powered cargo equipment to load and unload vessels.

“In California, there’s only two inland ports,” Port of Stockton Director Richard Aschieris said. “We’re one of the two.”

“The air quality here is a challenge for everyone.”

The port of Stockton will be the first in the state to use a so-called “mobile power station,” made by a company called Dannar. The company’s website shows the power stations, on wheels, can be used to move heavy items themselves and can also charge other clean-energy vehicles using it battery storage.

The high-tech help comes a few years after an old coal power plant at the Port of Stockton also switched to renewable fuel. Now there is another new power supply.

“In this case, the power will be on wheels, and it will be able to move around,” Aschieris said.

The Port of Stockton sits near a residential neighborhood, where air quality is a concern.

Parents are happy to see the Port making environmentally-friendly strides.

”It’s good for the environment, it’s good for our kids, it’s healthy,” Neighbor Joe Esparza said.

The money for the green equipment is coming from state and regional air control districts.

Article courtesy of CBS13.


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