Safe and Secure

The Port of Stockton continues its commitment to comply with the United States Department of Homeland Security and United States Coast Guard regulations by improving overall port security.

The focus is to enhance security through improved access control, perimeter security, remotely operated video surveillance, increase internal security, and the training of Port employees and tenants through the effective use of grant funding. The Port continues the implementation of security upgrades that included the necessary infrastructure for the Transportation Worker Identification Card.

Through use of grant funding the Port’s Marine Unit has been improved through the installation of a strategically located in-water storage facility. The facility allows for enhanced enforcement and emergency response to critical incidents at the Port and in support of adjacent emergency responders.

Automated access control gates, remotely monitored video camera system, and installation of vehicle mounted computers provide for quick response to security breaches. They also provide for quick and timely processing of persons needing access to the secure maritime facilities on a 24-hour, seven day-a-week basis. The digitally recorded video system provides the ability to observe, record, and review related activities captured by the cameras.

The growth and addition of Port tenants provides for an evolving challenge for security providers. In addition, the Port continues to meet these challenges by enhancing the police force through training and proficiency testing of its academy trained officers and port security technicians.