The Port of Stockton covers 2000 acres (810 hectares) of operating real estate. Included is over 7.7 million square feet (715,000 sq meters) of covered warehouse space, 50 miles (80.5 km) of railroad track and more than 2 linear miles (3.2 km) of dockage. The Port of Stockton houses fourty-seven 120,000 square foot warehouses for lease. All warehouses are partitioned and can be leased in 40,000 square foot sections. These warehouses are located in the West Complex on the former Naval Facility of Rough & Ready Island. We currently are 90% leased and have over 700+ acres available for development.

Standard Features for all Warehouses:

  • 120,000 square feet and can be leased in 40,000 square feet sections.
  • Sprinkler systems with fire alarms.
  • Dock doors on both sides, with drive-thru access on both ends, up to 14 feet high.
  • Patrolled by k-9 units, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Call (209) 946-0246 for availability.

Steve Escobar

Deputy Port Director
Real Estate & Port Development

Phone: (209) 946-0246
Fax: (209) 465-7244

Steve Escobar directs Port of Stockton lease preparations, property management, and property development negotiations working with potential tenants or developers.

Debbie Calli, Properties Manager, handles tenant and development inquiries or requests coordinating these activities with the facilities, operations, and other administrative departments.

Overhead view of the grain warehouse at the Port