Travel Summary

Port of Stockton Commission Travel and Business Relationship Summary

The Port of Stockton is a non-taxing independent local entity with business relationships in more than 55 countries around the world, bringing more than 10,000 jobs to Stockton and the greater San Joaquin Valley. These national and international businesses have brought nearly $2 billion in private sector investments to our community and generated more than $77.7 million in much-needed taxes for the City of Stockton and San Joaquin County in the last five years alone. As many of these investments take years to develop, the marketing of the port services and facilities and maintaining business relationships with current clients, are of the highest priority of the Commission. In addition, keeping members of the Commission current on the latest trends in the maritime industry is also a priority of the Board to assist in establishing sound policies, which also requires travel to certain educational seminars and industry meetings.

It is also important to note that the Port of Stockton is not a department of the City of Stockton or of San Joaquin County and funding for these trips do not come from taxpayer dollars but only from income earned on the docks and from lease revenue generated on the Port of Stockton properties.

The Board of Port Commissioners of the Port of Stockton has established a travel policy setting parameters for board member travel. Part of this policy requires each proposed trip to be placed on the regular meeting agenda for public awareness and discussion. The Port of Stockton Commission is one of the rare port commissions to require commission travel be approved in advance at a regular meeting and to have this requirement as part of the travel policy. The agendas of the Board are publicly posted and available online to encourage openness and public awareness.


Events Hosted by the Port of Stockton

Every year, the Port of Stockton hosts a number of events in a continuing effort to promote maritime and land leasing opportunities available at the Port of Stockton and to create job opportunities in the greater Stockton community. These events include receptions for key leaders of business and government, and participation in community events to further awareness of port activities for the general public. For example, the Port has hosted on many occasions the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce’s annual State of the City event, which not only provides an opportunity for the Mayor to address the public on City of Stockton initiatives, but it is also an opportunity for the Port to raise public awareness of its current activities and for the public to visit the Port of Stockton.