TWIC Escort Policy

Port of Stockton TWIC Escort Sponsorship

In accordance with 33 CFR 101.514, all persons requiring unescorted access to restricted areas of the Port must possess a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) before such access is granted. Persons seeking access to Port restricted areas who do not physically possess a TWIC may only enter Port restricted areas with a Port approved TWIC escort as a side-by-side companion.

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Application for TWIC Sponsorship PDF Application for TWIC Sponsorship PDF (Spanish)


TWIC Escorts must be nominated by their employers and the employer must certify that the nominated TWIC Escort is a full time employee of the company. Employer must fill out and print the Application for TWIC Escort Sponsorship for employee to bring to the Port.

In requesting application for TWIC Escorts, the sponsoring company assumes all responsibility for each nominated employee to meet the mandated TWIC Escorting requirements relating to restricted area access and agrees to assume any liability imposed by competent Federal authorities for failure of such nominated employee to discharge all responsibilities in accordance with all federal law and policy.

Security awareness training is required for all persons requesting TWIC escort privileges. Click on the TWIC Escort Training power point tab to start the training. After you have finished the power point training you will need to take the TWIC Escort Training Quiz. Once you have completed the training and obtained a completion certificate and your employer has filled out the Application for TWIC Escort Sponsorship, you will need to make an appointment with the Port of Stockton Police Department by calling 209-946-0246 to review your application.

Filling out an application and completing the training is not a guarantee of TWIC Escorting privileges. TWIC Escorting privileges are granted at the sole discretion of the Port, for a period determined by the Port, and the Port reserves the right to deny granting TWIC Escorting privileges or to suspend, revoke or deny renewal of TWIC Escorting privileges previously granted.