Please note that schedules and agendas are subject to revision in accordance with the Brown Act. In the event an agenda is revised prior to the meeting, Port staff will endeavor to post the revised agenda here. Updated agendas also will be available in hard copy at the meeting and after the fact in the Past Meeting Archive section. Public speakers are able to address the Board, and are limited to three minutes speaking time per agenda item. Individual speaker cards must be completed and turned into the Commission Secretary prior to the start of the meeting. Unless noted otherwise, all meetings take place at The Port of Stockton Commission Board Meeting Room at 3:30 PM (CBMR.)

DateMeeting TypeLink to Agenda
01/07/19RegularMeeting Agenda 01/07/19
01/22/19*RegularNotice of Cancellation
02/04/19**RegularMeeting Agenda 02/04/19
02/19/19*RegularMeeting Agenda 02/19/19
03/04/19RegularNotice of Cancellation
03/18/19RegularMeeting Agenda 03/18/19
04/01/19RegularMeeting Agenda 04/01/19
04/15/19RegularREVISED Meeting Agenda 04/15/19
04/23/19***Public HearingPublic Hearing Agenda 04/23/19
05/06/19RegularNotice of Cancellation
05/20/19RegularMeeting Agenda 5/20/19
06/03/19RegularNotice of Cancellation
06/17/19RegularMeeting Agenda 06/17/19
07/01/19RegularNotice of Cancellation
07/15/19RegularMeeting Agenda 07/15/19
08/05/19RegularNotice of Cancellation
08/19/19RegularMeeting Agenda 08/19/19
09/03/19*RegularMeeting Agenda 09/03/19
09/16/19RegularMeeting Agenda 09/25/19
09/25/19***Public HearingMeeting Agenda 09/25/19
10/07/19RegularREVISED Meeting Agenda 10/07/19
10/21/19RegularMeeting Agenda 10/21/19
11/04/19RegularMeeting Agenda 11/04/19
11/18/19RegularNotice of Cancellation
12/02/19RegularMeeting Agenda 12/02/19

* Holiday observed on preceding Monday Board Re-organizational Meeting Public Hearing held at 9:00 AM